Kalamalka Reflections
Material: Canadian jade (sculpture and base)
Dimensions: 72" x 53" x 15" (sculpture)
Commissioned for the City of Vernon by Okanagan-Thompson
International Sculpture Symposium 2002
Site: Public Library, Vernon, B.C.

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Deborah's interest in sculpture was kindled by her secondary school art teacher, and later encouraged by several mentors during her four years at the Vancouver School of Art.

After graduating in 1973, she and a dozen other art students tried their hand at carving jade in one of the first studios of this kind in Vancouver. Some extraordinary pieces were produced at New World Jade over the next two years. Since the mid seventies, a number of these pioneers have established their own studios and have honed their skills as jade sculptors.
The work was shown with wide acclaim across Canada and the US. This was indeed an art-form the public had never seen before.


In 1993, Deborah began offering her
(as advertised in The Lapidary Journal)

Since then, participants from Australia to Nebraska have enjoyed their six days of jade immersion, and part with a good foundation with which to embark on their own ventures.

Deborah's intensive workshops are designed
to cover all aspects of hardstone sculpture.

Laura Dutheil (left) takes in the mid
morning critique.

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Instructional DVD
Jade carving instructional DVD

This DVD tutorial will serve both as an introduction to the art of jade carving and as a source of information for the working jade artist.

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