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Two Jade Bangles
Polar Jade &
Wyoming Sage with Thulite inclusions

Two Octagonal Jade Bracelets
Canadian Ogden Mt. Jade &
Canadian Dease Cr. Jade

Two Oval Jade Bangles
Polar Jade & Siberian Jade

Pendants and earrings

Elysia Pendant
Canadian Cassiar Jade

Elysia Earrings
Canadian Cassiar Jade

Dragon Pendant
Canadian Cassiar Jade

Vessel Pendant
Wyoming Jade, Copper

Honey Olive Wyoming Jade,
Fresh Water Pearls

Leaf Pendant
Wyoming Jade, Fresh Water Pearls

Burmese Jadeite, Sterling Silver,
Blue Goldstone, Quartz

Yukon Snow Jade,
Iron Pyrite beads

Chrysalis Bead Series Pendant
Canadian Jade, Copper

Chrysalis Bead Series Pendant
Yukon Snow Jade

Folded Form Pendant
BC Kutcho Jade, Copper, Jade beads

Flight Pendant
Chrysoprase, Sterling Silver

Mamuli Pendant
Yukon Jade, 14k gold

Mamuli Pendant
Apple Green Wyoming Jade

Mamuli Pendant
Siberian Jade, Fresh Water Pearls,
Citrine Beads, 14 k Gold

Mamuli Pendant
Siberian Jade, Fresh Water Pearls,
Chrysoprase Beads, 14 k Gold

Heartfelt Pendant
Siberian Jade

Buddha's Hand Pendant
Guatemalan Jadeite,Sterling Silver

Moebius Pendant
Wyoming Jade, Fresh Water Pearl

Flamenco Pendant
Canadian Polar Jade, Amber

Budding Form
Siberian Jade

Cosmos Pendant
Siberian Jade, Fresh Water Pearl

Flores Pendant
Wyoming Jade, Coral

Leaf Earrings
Wyoming Jade

White Siberian Jade Pendant

Abalone Shell Pendant
Lavender Guatemalan Jadeite

Wyoming Jade, Amber

Siberian Jade, Fresh Water Pearls,
14 k Gold

Australian Black Jade Pendant

White Siberian Nephrite Pendant

Cicada pendant
Siberian Jade

Brazilian Sodalite, Rainbow Moonstone, Sterling Silver

Canadian Jade , Lapis lazuli,
14 kGold, Czech Glass Beads

Canadian Jade , Okanagan Opal,
14 kGold

Lapis Bead with Coral,
Sterling Silver

Squash Pendant
Canadian Jade, Sterling Silver

Blue Chalcedony & 14ky Gold Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Pendant
14k gold

Chinese Mother of Pearl Gambling Chip on Black Nephrite Jade. Ebony flex necklace

Holy Roller Pendant
Canadian Jade

Nephrite Jade Pendant
Satin Cord

Guatamalen Jadeite Pendant
Sterling Silver Bead, Linen Cord

New Zealand Jade

Angel Wing Pendant
Canadian Jade

Fondle stones

Fondle Stone
Hawks Eye

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