Jade Carving Workshops for Women
A celebration of female energy and creativity!   

Jade Carving Workshops for Women

In January 2010 at my Vernon based studio, a number of lady friends and acquaintances responded to my call for a workshop to learn the art of gemstone carving. The participants had never carved gemstones before, all are practicing artists in different media, one is a jewellery maker. They came away with a new appreciation of what it means to transform a slab of nephrite jade for example, into a timeless wearable piece.

Jade Carving Workshops for WomenIn the past few years I have become more aware of the need to encourage more women to try gemstone carving, and specifically jade carving at whatever scale. This means jewellery projects all the way to monumental sculptures. I am one of a handful of female jade artists on this continent. My mission is to reach out to women in this part of the world, to offer an opportunity to learn a new art form that goes back to ancient times in several cultures. Fortunately there is a Jade Renaissance that is occurring slowly in the American cultural landscape. There are more and more events where jade artists can show and sell their work.

Jade Carving Workshops for WomenJade Carving Workshops for Women

I invite you to contact me for more information on scheduling workshops in the coming months. An incentive to those interested by including 2 other women, will be offered in the way of reduced workshop fees. 

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